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Mason Jar NYC – Manhattan

Posted on Jul 22, 2012 by in All Posts, Destinations, Eateries, New York City, North America, Reviews | 0 comments

Mason Jar
43 East 30th Street
New York, NY  10016
Tel: (212) 213-3587

The day my boyfriend and I first went to Mason Jar in late April, 2012, our happiness with our life choices was validated; namely, our choices to remain child-free and to not spend money on things like a fancy car or house, so that we may have both time and funds for a variety of experiences.  We were admittedly a little tipsy, but I think the conversation went something like this:

BF:  Whenever anyone tells us how great it is to have kids, and why don’t we have kids, we should tell them about this day.
Me: Today was great.
BF:  We got up late, fooled around, drank unlimited mimosas, walked downtown and saw a movie at the Tribeca Film Festival, then had ice cream.
Me:  Our life is great.

(Now, I’m sure that someone is angrily typing a comment right now to let me know how brunch and movies and ice cream cannot possibly compare to the love and wonder of a child, and to you I say that I quite realize that I can’t know how amazing it is to be a parent, and that I applaud and celebrate your life choices, and I hope that if you don’t have the largesse to reciprocate, you can at least appreciate that this is all in fun.)

So, Mason Jar.  I found a “Google Deal” that gave us two brunch entrees and unlimited bloody marys, mimosas or Bud Light draft for $22.  This was 50% off the regular price and in NYC is a good deal.  (People from other areas, where things cost less:  I know.   I experienced major sticker shock when I first moved here.  That’s just the way it is.)

Our server was very nice, but seemed a little thrown by the Google Deals voucher.  She explained that they had put out several deals and she hadn’t seen this one yet.  She didn’t realize at first that the deal included drinks, but she worked it out eventually.  She was very polite, quick with refills on the drinks and didn’t rush us.

We quite enjoyed the food.  My guy had the French toast stuffed with Nutella, and being a good Southerner at heart, I had to try the biscuits with sausage gravy.  Were they the BEST biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had?  No.  (That would be at the Loveless Café in Nashville.  Yum.)  But the gravy was tasty and plentiful so you didn’t get any dry bits of biscuit.  My boyfriend was definitely the winner, though – the Nutella put the French toast over the top.

The bloody mary was spicy and strong, like I like them.  Quantity trumped quality with the mimosas, which weren’t particularly strong, but tasted good, and honestly, they were unlimited!  The waitresses had pitchers of mimosas and constantly refilled our glasses, even after we had finished eating.

We made a reservation, and needed it, although possibly just because of the various coupons they had out at the time.  The place was packed, but overall service was quick and courteous.  We used to live down the block on 30th Street, and we lamented that Mason Jar wasn’t open when we could (and would) have been neighborhood regulars.  I’ll definitely be back to try the burgers and what appeared to be a nice selection of draft beers.

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