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Growing up in a small town, I dreamed of being able to travel the world one day.  Actually, that’s not true; in high school, I dreamed of driving around the US, probably with a guy I liked, possibly in a Volkswagen bus.  The open road represented possibility, independence and freedom from the only life I had known.  I was young, but every part of my being understood the powerful draw of a road trip.  Just get in the car and drive.  Some days it still seems the best course of action.

Despite my father’s worst fears, I did not take off in a van with a musician.  I was a good, rational Girl at heart, so I got a scholarship and a student loan, and I went to college.  My world got a little bigger, and so did my dreams.

After college, I moved from Texas to New York.  NEW YORK CITY.  There didn’t seem to be anything bigger, better, more exciting or more inspiring than this amazing city.  There probably isn’t.

From here in New York, I took my first trip overseas, and the world just kept expanding.

I still work in, live near and love New York, and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel.  With each trip, I learn a little something more about myself, about others, and about how to appropriately pack for a week in a carry on.  I’m a writer whose background is in theatre (thus the move to NYC) and I wanted a place to share some of the things I’ve seen and done and eaten and experienced.  Luckily for me, my Ramble Guy just happens to be a genius engineer/web developer/technical-you-name-it, so we started this site.  I hope you enjoy it.

Pineapple Girl

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