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Bakeshop – Prague

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 by in All Posts, Czech Republic, Destinations, Eateries, Europe, Reviews | 0 comments

Kozi 1
110 00 Prague
Tel:  +420 222 316 823

We visited Prague in late November, and after strolling through Old Town (pictured above) half the day, it was heavenly to find Bakeshop and the delicious mug of perfection that was their hot chocolate. It’s a beautiful little bakery with stools along the windows.  There are tons of delicious pastries, breads, sandwiches – but my favorite, and the reason that we came back to Bakeshop several times during the week we spent in Prague, was the hot chocolate.  Made by hand, creamy and velvety and perfect and warm in the chilly weather.  Yum.  Oh, and of course the baked goods were tasty as well.

Bakeshop web

Photo from Bakeshop’s website – accurate as I remember


(Above photo is from Bakeshop’s website.  I was too busy loving the hot chocolate to remember to take a photo!)

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