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Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret – Oslo, Norway

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Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret
Address: Storgaten 21-23, Oslo, NO, 0184
Tel: (47) 22 00 57 00

We stayed at the Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret for two days at the end of our tour of Norway.  I booked it primarily for its location; it’s central and close to the Oslo Central Train station.  It had opened fairly recently when we stayed there, and the online reviews and photos looked good.  We arrived into Oslo late in the evening on the train from Myrdal, and we were pleased that the hotel was only a few minutes walk from the station.  It is located in a historic building that has been refurbished.  We walked through a door into a mall-like hallway to then get to the door to the hotel lobby.  Right outside the hotel door was a large statue by artist Marc Quinn titled “Myth (Sphinx) – Kate Moss.”  Mmmhmm.  She’s got both legs behind her head so it’s a full-on crotch shot, but she is (thankfully) wearing a bikini or something.  I’m no prude, but if she weren’t clothed, that would be one giant supermodel vagina in your face.

"Myth (Sphinx) - Kate Moss"

“Myth (Sphinx) – Kate Moss”

When we walked into the lobby, my first impression honestly was that the place was trying to be “fancy”.  The gentleman at reception was polite but not informative.  He didn’t explain anything, but handed me a card that said there was a breakfast buffet, a light evening buffet, coffee/tea, and complimentary internet.  We went to the room and found that we also needed a “scratch card” to use the internet, so we went back down for it.  I’m not sure why they weren’t offered at Check-in, as we specifically asked about the wifi.  Regardless, the scratch card only gave a code for one device and only lasted 4 hours, but they seemed willing to give us as many as we needed, as often as we asked.

We were in Room 514, a standard double room.  The room itself was fine, but again, seemed to be trying too hard to be “hip” or “chic”.  The whole place reminded me of an Ikea showroom – looks good on the surface, but the materials are cheap.  We wondered if it would be dingy in a couple of years, or if they would maintain it.  The room had nice, high ceilings and central heating with a workable thermostat.  The bed actually was a double, not two twins pushed together, and had big, fluffy plentiful pillows, which I liked.  The lighting was very dim, everywhere.  The bathroom was modern and clean, but there was no counter (not a small one, none at all) and personally I’d prefer a little more functionality with the design.

Breakfast Room

Breakfast Room

The breakfast area had good floors, plastic chairs with new cushions, nice light fixtures, and plenty of tables.  I didn’t love the decor, but I didn’t hate it either.  The breakfast was pretty good, and we were very appreciative of the coffee/tea area in the lobby.  They had tasty hot chocolate and cappuccino, and they offered convenient to-go cups which we took out into the cold.  We were enjoying the city and didn’t come back to try the evening buffet.

I wouldn’t go back to this hotel.  It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t like it enough not to try something new next time.

Grade: B/B-
Stayed:  May 28-30, 2010
Current rate for standard double room with breakfast: $300 (non-refundable/flexible)
(price quoted is per company website at the time of writing, but rates seem to vary significantly)

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