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Dirty Nelly Pub – Alesund, Norway

Posted on Feb 16, 2014 by in All Posts, Bars, Destinations, Europe, Norway, Reviews | 0 comments

Dirty Nelly Irish Pub
Kirkegata 1
6004 Ålesund
Tel: +47 70 30 06 30

We were walking in Alesund with time to kill before boarding the Hurtigruten at midnight and spotted the sign for an Irish Pub, so naturally we had to give it a try.  (Locating Irish pubs is a skill of mine, but this one was easily found in the downtown area.)  The sign was bit dilapidated, which from a distance I took as a possible indication of a proper dive-y bar, especially with a name like Dirty Nelly – but everything looked pretty clean through the windows once we got closer.

It wasn’t really dive-y (or Dirty) at all.  In fact, apparently Dirty Nelly is a franchise in Norway.  It looked like what you would probably expect – long bar with a brass rail, wooden tables, green decorative accents.  They had Murphy’s, Heineken, and Hansa on tap, with a few cans and bottles of beer, including Guinness, Kilkenney and Corona.  I drank the Hansa, which is a Norwegian pilsner that I didn’t particularly like, but I wanted to try the Norwegian beer on tap.  The bar was pretty dead until about 10:30 – 11:00 PM, when things really started to pick up.  A lot of people came in as it got later, and it was getting packed by the time we left to catch the ferry.  The crowd, once it started gathering, was friendly – as OPPOSED to the exceptionally sour and unpleasant female bartender.  Maybe she was having a bad day.  Maybe she was Nelly, and she didn’t appreciate being called out as Dirty.  Oh wait, no, it’s a franchise…never mind, maybe she was just a nasty bitch.

In summary, it was a familiar, typical pub with limited offerings on draft and a foul-tempered bartender, but the location is convenient and it was a fine enough place to throw back a few pints as we waited for the ferry.

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