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Omni Hotel at Independence Park – Philadelphia

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Omni Hotel at Independence Park
401 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: (215) 925-0000
Fax: (215) 925-1263

I visited the Omni for a girls’ weekend and would definitely return to the hotel, but not the spa.  Upon entering, the doorman was polite and helpful, as were the people at Reception, and the lobby looked lovely.  I stayed in a standard King room with a sitting area (which they call Deluxe).  I was very pleased with the room as I entered.  The bathroom was fairly spacious, with a single vanity and the toilet area slightly cut off by a wall but not a separate door.  The amenitites were as expected, with hair dryer, coffee maker, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, q-tips.  There was also a large lighted magnifying mirror, which I liked.  Ample towels and soaps were provided, along with a comfortable bathrobe (which I used with pleasure).  In the main room, along with the bed and TV there was a full sized desk, a sofa and coffee table.  The room was surprisingly spacious.  There were large windows along one wall, providing a nice view of Independence National Park, and the curtains successfully blacked out the light so that sleeping late was an option.

Omni Philly Room

Room at Omni

I highly recommend joining their free Select Guest loyalty program.  As a member, I received free Wi-Fi (which really should be provided in every hotel these days anyway).  As a Select Guest member, you also receive free beverages each morning.  When I originally read this on their website, I thought they probably had coffee in the lobby or something, but it’s a much nicer perk.  For each night of my stay, they gave me something to hang on the door at night, and on it I marked up to two beverages for each person staying in the room.  They have hot and cold beverages and you check the box next to your choices, along with checking a box for the time you would like them delivered and whether you want them to knock and leave the tray outside your door or deliver it inside.  I had hot chocolate (a nice sized pitcher each morning) and a coke.  I thought this was a very pleasant way to start the day and definitely left me with the impression that their loyalty program added value.

The room was nicely cleaned each day, with the one exception that on my first evening I brought in a sandwich from the Cosi across the street (since I arrived rather late) and the bag and remnants which were in the trash can near the desk were not removed throughout my stay of three nights.  There wasn’t any odor so I didn’t worry about it.  They came by and offered turndown service but I was working in the room and didn’t need it.  The heating system worked well and wasn’t loud.  Overall I very much enjoyed my stay. They didn’t offer me a key to the minibar upon check-in; I probably would have purchased something on the first night, but was tired and didn’t want to go back down to the reception desk to get a key.  I ordered room service one night, which arrived promptly and was fine, although not stellar.  The only real complaint I have is that the fitness facility offered for hotel guests is part of Lux Spa & Fitness, so it is only available when Lux is open.  I stayed over a long weekend, and on Sunday the gym was only available until 1 pm, when the spa closed, which seemed rather limited.  The spa itself seemed to be very poorly managed, but I don’t fault the hotel for that.

Omni Philly View

View from the Window at Omni

**Update:  I returned and stayed with my boyfriend in August of 2014, in the same type of room.  I wrote the above review after my first visit in January 2011, but the information remains largely accurate.  I didn’t use the spa (now called Balance Spa & Fitness) in 2014, but I understand that the management has changed since my last visit, so possibly it has improved; it couldn’t have gotten much worse.  The photos included are from my most recent stay.

Grade: B+

Stayed:  January 14 – 17, 2011 and August 15 – 17, 2014

Current price for Deluxe King room:  $199/night
(price quoted is per company website at the time of writing)


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