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SoCo to Go – Austin,TX

Posted on Sep 22, 2012 by in All Posts, Destinations, Eateries, North America, Reviews, Texas | 0 comments

SoCo To Go
1209 South 1st Street
Austin, TX  78704
(512) 970-8646

We have food trucks in New York – but when I recently visited Austin, I found that they have whole parks set up where food trucks/carts/trailers can park and sit a spell.  Brilliant!  My friend took me to South First Street, and we couldn’t find parking at the first food park that she wanted to check out, so we went down the street a block or so and found another.  There were several trailers to choose from, along with parking in the front and picnic tables in the back.  There was a Thai truck that seemed very popular, but seeing as I was a) hanging onto a bit of a wine hangover from the night before and b) in Texas for the first time in a long time, we went with the SoCo To Go trailer, which bills itself as “Austin Southern Comfort Cookin'”.  Perfect.

There was not one single thing on the menu that I didn’t want to eat.  The guy working the trailer was very nice, and let us take our time deciding what we wanted, since no one was waiting.  My friend Michelle went with the fish tacos (fried tilapia topped with crunchy slaw on two flour tortillas, with spicy cilantro ranch sauce, $6), while I burrowed into my roots and had the chicken strips with cream gravy ($6).  We also got sides of hash brown casserole, jalapeño mac ‘n’ cheese, and fried pickles ($2 each).  We took a seat at a picnic table and waited a short while, enjoying being outside in the sun.  When the food came out, the portions were ample and we knew we would not leave hungry.  My chicken strips were juicy and good, exactly what I expected, and the gravy was everything I remembered of creamy white Texas gravy goodness.  The bite of fish taco I tried was actually quite light and refreshing due to the crunchy slaw, with a flavorful sauce.  The fried pickles were again, as expected but yummy – how could they go wrong, frying slices of pickle and serving them with a cilantro sauce?  I love pickles, love cilantro, and love anything that has emerged from a Fry Daddy.  (Where I grew up, we fried everything.  Texans never met a vegetable, bread, meat or candy bar we couldn’t batter up and fry to greasy perfection.)  The mac ‘n’cheese was my least favorite, and it was still pretty good.  I didn’t get much of a kick from the jalapeños, and I think the topping incorporated Cheez-Its, but it was super-creamy.  But wait – hold the phone – the hash brown casserole was amazing!  Hash browned potatoes, baked with cheddar, topped with something wonderfully crunchy.  MMMMM.

It was hot that day, over 100 degrees in Austin, and I may have gotten bitten by chiggers whilst munching and lunching at the picnic table, but it was well worth it.  You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the love of good southern cooking out of the girl – at least not this one.

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