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The Lady & Sons – Savannah, GA

Posted on Aug 5, 2012 by in All Posts, Destinations, Eateries, North America, Reviews, Southeast USA | 0 comments

The Lady & Sons
102 W. Congress St.
Savannah, GA  31401
tel: (912) 233-2600

***PLEASE NOTE:  This review was written prior to Paula Deen’s admission that she had used racial slurs, and pertains solely to my experience eating at her restaurant.***

The Lady & Sons is of course, Paula Deen’s restaurant, and when my mom and I visited Savannah, it was a  big-time Tourist Attraction Must-Do.  We actually went twice, once for the buffet and once ordering from the menu.  When we went, they only accepted reservations for large parties, which meant long annoying lines and lots of waiting around, but according to their website they have changed that and now accept reservations for all parties, so I highly recommend making a reservation.  The cheesy biscuits they give you before your meal are good (albeit reminiscent of Red Lobster) but I’d suggest you avoid the “hoe cake”, even if you’ve been on line for hours and are starving.   It’s kind of like a greasy pancake, and ours seemed like they’d been sitting around somewhere for a while.  I had the crab stuffed shrimp and my mom had the chicken potpie when we ordered dinner off the menu, and both were quite good, and of course, the portions were enormous. I also had a fruity cocktail that I enjoyed.  I definitely recommend ordering from the menu rather than going to the buffet.  I found the buffet offerings relatively limited, and I didn’t really think anything was all that great.  In my opinion, most of the buffet items felt like the stuff that my grandmother would make that I didn’t really want to eat (lima beans, black eyed peas) instead of the good yummy stuff. The items on the buffet that I like to eat, like mashed potatoes and collard greens, were average at best.  The servers we had were all very polite and attentive, and they were nice about helping my mom to the elevator when we were seated on the upper floor.

Overall, it’s a tourist attraction so don’t expect the best food you’ve ever eaten, but in my opinion, the menu is better than the buffet.  My review would have been better had we only gone once and not returned for the buffet.

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