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Vic’s on the River – Savannah, GA

Posted on Aug 5, 2012 by in All Posts, Destinations, Eateries, North America, Reviews, Southeast USA | 0 comments

Vic’s on the River
26 East Bay Street
Savannah, GA  31401
tel: (912) 721-1000

My mom and I went to Vic’s our last evening in Savannah.  We had walked by it and wanted something nice on the riverfront.  I don’t recall making a reservation, but I may have.  We entered through a little shop on East River Street where I think they sell ice cream and coffee and took an elevator up to the restaurant. We were seated right away near the window.  The room was very nice, and it’s worth eating here for the view over the waterfront. We were just lucky, but I’d recommend asking for a table near the windows. They allowed people to quietly step outside on a small balcony to take photos and enjoy the view along the waterfront, which was lovely.

Savannah Waterfront from Vics

Savannah Waterfront from Balcony at Vic’s

My mom had the fried shrimp and oysters, while I had the jumbo crab cake.  (I think I ate some kind of crab every day in Savannah, and I have no problem with that.)  My crab cake was quite tasty, with lump crab meat and an accompanying risotto that I enjoyed, and my mom’s entree was even better than mine, nice and  crispy and flavorful .  The service, however, put a bit of a damper on the evening.  Our server’s attitude was not particularly warm or welcoming to say the least, which was unusual based on our other experiences in Savnnah.  Although I ordered a glass of wine for myself, he seemed annoyed that we didn’t order a bottle (because my mom doesn’t drink and most days I don’t need an entire bottle of wine on my own).  Also, we had been eating so much for the past few days that we didn’t need or order appetizers, and once again he seemed to rudely sniff his disapproval.  I was unimpressed to say the least.  There may be wonderful servers working at Vic’s, but we didn’t have one of them; perhaps our good luck with the table location was offset by bad luck with our server.  I have worked as both a bartender and a server (and briefly as a pizza delivery person), so good service equates to a very healthy percentage of gratuity from me, and he really should have worried less about up-selling our ticket and more about providing us with a pleasant dining experience.

Overall, I enjoyed the meal and the view, I thought the decor was tasteful, but I didn’t like the attitude of the server.  Unfortunately that is the impression I’m left with – remembering the lovely view and the tasty crab upon reflection, but with a first and lasting memory of disappointingly poor service.

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